Children have been given a food diary to keep.  The data they collect will form part of our topic lesson on Thursday.  Please encourage your child to keep this diary and bring it into school on Thursday morning.  I have enclosed a link to it in case your child has misplaced it!

eatwell plate homework

In addition to keeping this diary, I have asked the children to collect food packaging so that we can look at the nutritional content and the green/amber/red rating on food.  There is a green box in my classroom where children can place their packaging ready for Thursday’s lesson.  Thank you!

Children have two pieces of homework in their blue maths books. These are due in 26.01.18.

Children have two pieces of Mathletics homework on dividing by 4 and on ‘times tables’.  These are due in 26.01.18.

Children have been given a long poem!  I really wanted them to do this poem because it links to our new class book ‘The Iron Man’.  As it is so long, I’ve given them four weeks.  I suggested they could do half over the first two weeks and the other half in the next two weeks.  I only need it handed in when it is completed and this is to be 09.02.18.

Children need to have read 4 times this week.  I would like to see entries completed in their reading records on Monday.  Let’s see if everyone has managed to read four times this week!

Children have been set a Reading Eggspress assignment due in 26.01.18.