A poem about the Iron Man

12 01 2018

We looked at the next bit of our story today.  In our version of the book, the illustrator used paper for a collage to represent the broken Iron Man lying scattered on the beach. This inspired us to produce a poem about him breaking up as he tumbled down the cliff. We looked at how the author used capitals to emphasise the sound effects.  We went a step further to explore how we could alter our handwriting to make words look like they were tumbling and falling.  This lead to a great discussion about how the author can have greater impact upon a reader.  We noticed that we read the text differently after this was discussed – our voices changed a lot more in pitch and volume.

We were challenged to plan out our writing into sections and think about different shapes we could write on to represent the Iron Man’s body.  We were given metallic papers to write on and special pens, including silver and gold.  This added an extra challenge because we couldn’t use a rubber and our handwriting had to be EXTREMELY neat.  We demonstrated excellent concentration and resilience!   We had to create all the body parts to fit around how we presented our writing which was tricky – trying to cut shapes big enough to fit in our writing.  Mrs Stanley didn’t provide any templates. It all had to be our own work!

The pictures don’t do the work justice because the shiny paper was hard to photograph but here’s a taste.  They can be seen up on our working wall in the classroom.



2 responses to “A poem about the Iron Man”

    15 01 2018
      Mrs Channing (17:27:58) :     Reply

    I love the visual impact of how you have written words such as tumbled. Well done!

    16 01 2018
      Anna (17:57:17) :     Reply

    Wow these look amazing.I think we worked really hard at this! Anna

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