Flying fergus the cycle search and rescue

11 01 2018

Will’s review of: Flying fergus the cycle search and rescue
Author: Chris hoy
Genre: Fiction

This book is number 6 in the Flying Fergus series. So it’s all about qualifying and the training to ride at the Manchester velodrome.
They go training in the highlands and stay at Mary’s who is a journalist who worked with Jambo, who is Fergus’ step dad in this book.
I like this book because adore bikes and cycling.  I feel like I’m in the book because Chris Hoy writes it and he knows a lot about bikes and cycling because he’s got six gold Olympic medals.
I am looking forward to book 7 The wreck it race.



One response to “Flying fergus the cycle search and rescue”

    12 01 2018
      Mrs Channing (14:48:51) :     Reply

    I’m looking forward to seeing you cycling in the Olympics one day!

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