The 13-storey

11 10 2017

William Rowan’s review of: The 13-storey
Author: Andy griffiths
Genre: Fiction

It was funny, because the characters were all new to me. The main people in the book are Terry and Andy, they are authors and illustrators who live in a tree house with 13 storeys. There are 13 chapters in the book. The adventures are really crazy.
They buy some sea monkey eggs which hatch in to a sea monster,but Terry thinks it’s a mermaid.
I would really really recommend this book.



3 responses to “The 13-storey”

    13 10 2017
      Ian (13:54:21) :     Reply

    Well done will. You really seem to be enjoying the tree house books

    13 10 2017
      Claudia (19:33:54) :     Reply

    Im getting a hand puppet nextyear

      13 10 2017
        Mrs Stanley (21:50:31) :     Reply

      Is this your news Claudia? If so you are the first to ‘blog and tell’!

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