Dissecting flowers

9 10 2017

Children had great fun learning about the different parts of a flower by carrying out a careful dissection of a lily.  I was really impressed with the care they took and their mature approach to learning!



6 responses to “Dissecting flowers”

    9 10 2017
      Anna (18:40:38) :     Reply

    Fantastic science in action , great investigations

    10 10 2017
      Ian (09:13:42) :     Reply

    Looks like a really good way to learn about parts of a flower. Much more fun than pictures in a book.

    10 10 2017
      Claire (13:47:58) :     Reply

    oooh Lilies’ are my favourite flowers, I bet they smelt good !

    10 10 2017
      Mrs Stanley (14:30:01) :     Reply

    It really was a great way for children to learn about different flower parts. I was so impressed with how carefully they undertook the dissection and handled the delicate parts with care. The bonus to the lesson was that the classroom smelt wonderful for the rest of the afternoon!

    12 10 2017
      Mrs Channing (08:56:32) :     Reply

    What a super way to learn about the parts of a flower. I’m a great believer that what we learn through fun and practical activities, we never forget!

    13 10 2017
      Debbue (13:19:38) :     Reply

    Looks lots of fun. Great hands on way to learn. Good work kids.

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